Title: A Guide to Retirement Communities and Other Senior Living Options in Rochester

Are your retiring and thinking about next steps concerning your living situation? If Rochester isn’t on your list of possible destinations, you should definitely add it. Rochester is an underestimated retirement location, especially for seniors who want to stretch their retirement dollars. According to consumer financial services company SmartAsset, the state of New York is a tax-friendly destination for retirees - especially those who plan to live on a fixed income. Social Security Income is not taxed, while income from public or private pensions is only partially taxed.

Ready to explore your options? Below you will find valuable information about retirement communities and senior living in Rochester:

What is a Retirement Community?

A retirement community, also referred to a “55-plus” community, is a neighborhood built especially for adults who are at least 55 years of age - although the age limit can be as low as 50 or as high as 60 depending on the specific community. The majority of retirees who live in these communities have left their 9-to-5 jobs, although that is not always the case. A retirement community can be comprised of single family homes, condos or apartments. Some communities are gated for added levels of security.

This is an attractive option for seniors who want to maintain as much independence as possible, but would rather not manage their own property. For instance, most 55-plus communities will mow your lawn and handle exterior maintenance as part of what you get in paying a homeowners association (HOA) fee, which most communities require.

The Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

Retirement communities are a popular option for older home buyers - and with good reason. The communities offer a broad range of amenities that allow seniors to keep their independence without dealing with the most burdensome aspects of owning a home. Typical amenities offered include:

  • Common area maintenance

  • Exterior building maintenance

  • Limited insurance

  • Sewer

  • Roof maintenance

  • Termite extermination, if needed

Beyond amenities that alleviate the pressures of home maintenance, these 55-plus communities usually offer a slew of amenities intended to make retirement healthier and more enjoyable for seniors. These amenities may include:

  • Pools

  • Fitness centers

  • Recreational activities

  • Senior happy hours in a community clubhouse

  • Organized outings

Other Senior Living Options in Rochester

Retirement homes are unique among senior living options in that they usually do not put an emphasis on providing care. If you anticipate needing more help than you would get in a retirement community, it may be wise to consider another senior living option.

One such option would be an assisted living facility, which is normally an apartment-style living situation and on-site staff that specialize in assisting seniors with activities of daily living. There are many highly-rated communities in the Rochester area - each offering amenities for or seniors who need help with activities of daily living - which can include bathing, dressing, managing medications and keeping up with general housework.

Real Estate Agents and Senior Living in Rochester

Real estate agents can play an invaluable role in helping you understand the different senior living options available to you in Rochester. They can help ensure the retirement communities you are interested in include homes designed to meet your present and future needs.

Importantly, real estate agents know to target homes built with Universal Design principles in mind. Universal design homes are homes built to accommodate the changing health and mobility needs of seniors. Examples of amenities found in these homes include no step entryways, one story floor plans, wider doorways, open floor plans with extra floor space, and bathrooms that are senior-friendly.

Ready to get started? Contact the Granger-Christiano Realtor team today! We carry the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation, which means we are specially qualified to address the real estate needs of those age 50+. Our special skills help 50+ real estate buyers and sellers look at the big picture, factoring in financial issues and current and future care needs, to ensure that each client arrives at the best decision about selling a property and finding a new home.